Liz Lira Newcomer Salsa Dancing-Workshop



Product Description

Description: Good for newcomers who have never dance before and Int/Adv dancers that need to clean up their basics or clean up bad habits. This class demonstrates the essence of the Liz Lira Method for the betterment and innovation of Salsa dancing. Foundation and education is the key to being confident and most importantly safety. Most dancers, never learn correctly and they end up hurting themselves, feel they are stuck or get frustrated with their dance experience. Start out in the best hands possible and learn from the expert and world class champion Liz Lira. Sign up now!

When: Sunday January 31
What: Liz Lira’s Newcomer to Salsa Dancing!
Level: Open
Time: 12pm-3pm

· Attire: Gym, Yoga or Dance like attire. No jewelry please.

· Shoes: Proper dance shoes such as; heel shoes with supporting strap to ankle, dance tennis shoes, flat ballet or Jazz shoes.

· No Partner needed.

· Class for gentleman and ladies


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